All our ready-made sites are for affiliate marketers; they all have adverts (e.g., AdSense, etc.) and affiliate links to products for sale (e.g., Amazon, Click bank, etc.). When visitors click on the ads (CPC) or from the publisher (none of these sites sell anything). They pay you via purchase a product following the affiliate link, you get a commission, direct check, bank transfer or even PayPal, depending on the affiliate.
What do you have to do to enjoy this passive income?
1) Browsing the website, pick a site you like and purchase
it. You will need to have your domain and to host and upload the software to
your server. You can ask us to do it using the uploading service available from
the top menu.
2) Sign up (if you haven’t already) with the primary
affiliate programs, as per above (AdSense, Amazon, etc. but there’s tons of
them, you can choose whatever you prefer). All free of charge!
3) Customize the ads/links on site following the
instructions supplied with the site. Or ask us to do it using the customization
service available from the top menu. Since all of our websites are made using
WordPress, the #1 CMS, therefore they are easy to use. If you want, you can make
modifications, or add functionalities (for example your blog, etc.). Even
though we call these sites ‘ready-made’ or turnkey (because they are), it does
not mean that they are ‘untouchable’: in fact, you are very welcome to use them
as they are, but also as a starting point to a more complex and personalized
4) Promote the site to get traffic.